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Your dog could be bleeding due to a urine infection.

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In this case the bleeding would be of low intensity and is observed as only a few drops at the beginning or end of urination. Our dog will have more symptoms such as straining when urinating, increase in urination frequency and pain. This infection requires veterinary treatment and can be diagnosed by analyzing a sample of urine that we can try to collect ourselves using a glass, which we can be bought at any pharmacy. If this is not possible, your veterinarian can do this for you.

Treatment for a urine infection usually consists of administrating antibiotics. If the previous causes have been ruled out, it is possible that your dog will bleed through the vulva due to some neoplasm tumor in the vaginal-vulvar area, that is, a bulge that grows and produces blood. This bulge sometimes becomes so large that it prolapses and can be seen externally. This situation is more likely to occur in older and larger females, although this does not mean that it can not affect younger bitches.

Neoplasias are often accompanied by frequent urination, constant licking of the area or inflammation. In this, extirpation would normally be recommended. This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

Share on:. By Ameera Mills. Updated: September 2, My bitch is bleeding through the vulva after giving birth Once the birthing process is over, bleeding from the vulva is normal.

Eminem - Kim Lyrics

Click to attach a photo related to your comment. About 5 days ago my dog who has been recently fixed she just started bleeding from her vagina yesterday and has no appetite and little energy. Hi Ashley, We cannot diagnose anything here, our articles are for informative purposes only. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Houston Press. Google Books. Retrieved Entertainment Weekly.

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My dog is bleeding from her vagina but not on heat

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This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine! How could you let him sleep in our bed?! Look it, Kim! Look at your husband now! I said, look at him!

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He ain't so hot now, is he, little punk?! Why are you doing this?! Shut the fuck up! You're drunk! You're never gonna get away with this!

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You think I give a fuck?! Come on!

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We're going for a ride, bitch! Sit up front! We can't just leave Hailie alone! What if she wakes up? We'll be right back; well, I will: you'll be in the trunk! So long, bitch you did me so wrong I don't wanna go on, living in this world without you. You really fucked me Kim! You really did a number on me! Never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to haunt me But we was kids then, Kim! I was only eighteen That was years ago! I thought we wiped the slate clean That's fucked up!

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I love you! Oh God, my brain is racing I love you! What are you doing? Change the station! I hate this song! Does this look like a big joke? There's a year-old little laying dead with a slit throat In your living room! What, you think I'm kidding you?! You loved him didn't you?