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Turner Broadcasting System Warner Bros. Television Distribution. Citing an insurance rate increase, Ben pressures one of the barbers to quit, but makes them decide among themselves whom it will be. Danni tells A. In contrast, Danni revives her dream of singing, performing the song " Brave " at the local bar, despite telling everyone that she had given up on music.

Meanwhile, Joy's involvement in an AIDS Walk brings up the issue of charity, when Ben hires Lonnie, his mentally-challenged cousin, to work at the barbershop for free. Soon, Ben's guilt over not paying his cousin starts to get to him. Danni suspects that A. Charmaine correctly guesses that Danni's suspicions are caused by unresolved romantic feelings that she has for A. Ben has a one-night stand with Rita and regrets it the day after, but is annoyed to hear that Rita also regrets it.

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Meanwhile, Joy tries to figure out why Buzzy is so resentful of the Catholic church. In failing to convince Ben to get Wi-Fi back in the barbershop, Danni, Charmaine, and Joy each try to convince Travis, a perverted tattoo artist in the shop next door, to give up his Wi-Fi password.

Mo accidentally tells everyone that Ben is being urinated on at a fitness gym shower by a fellow business owner, with A. Tommy's mother dies, which opens the door for Buzzy to propose to Tommy. Buzzy had promised that when Tommy's mother died he would propose, given that Tommy's mother thought they were just roommates.

Rebleeding from clipped aneurysm after 35 years: Report of 2 cases

However, when Buzzy expresses second thoughts about going through with the wedding, Charmaine takes Buzzy's side and convinces him that he shouldn't get married for the wrong reasons. This leads to Charmaine and Danni discussing the true meaning of marriage. Meanwhile, Ben shuns Mo's opinions about a possible merger between the barbershop and Travis' tattoo shop, which causes Mo to become irritated over always being Ben's sidekick.

Also, Joy becomes highly stressed planning Buzzy and Tommy's wedding.

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Videos of Charmaine treating customers rudely go viral, causing Ben to fire her. But when dozens of customers call the next day and ask for an appointment with Charmaine, Ben sees there is a market for people who enjoy being treated badly. Meanwhile, Mo is guilt-ridden upon breaking A. When Mo's mother Dottie Dot Jones announces she is getting divorced, the gang assumes it's because she's gay and Ben has to break the news to Mo gently.

But the crew is in for a surprise. Tommy suspects Buzzy's old gambling problems have resurfaced; the same problems that forced him to sell the barbershop to Ben. Joy hints to Mo that her marriage is in trouble and that "someone else" may be the right man for her. Meanwhile, Danni and Charmaine get the Doyle sisters styled up for a family wedding.

Painter Larry Miller , a math teacher from the gang's old high school, suffers a heart attack after getting his hair cut and dies. Ben appears unmoved, and the others learn that it is because Mr.

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Painter was part of a very embarrassing incident in Ben's past. Elsewhere, Joy tells Mo that she is pregnant with her husband Bart's baby, which makes her conflicted because she does not want to stay married to Bart. The gang attends their high school reunion. Ben learns that the guy who used dirty tricks to beat him out for Junior Class President is now working in a toll booth, and he vows to humiliate him.

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Danni and A. Mo is asked by two former cheerleaders, Debby and Debbie, to join them in leading the attendees in a cheer, but Mo insists they include Charmaine, who did not make the cheerleading team back in school. Outliers like the example above can significantly bias the measurement of noise statistics. In astronomical applications, cosmic rays when they collide at a near normal incidence angle are a very good example of such outliers. The tracks they leave behind in the image are perfectly immune to the blurring caused by the atmosphere and the aperture.

They are also very energetic and so their borders are usually clearly separated from the surrounding noise.


See Figure 15 in Akhlaghi and Ichikawa, In each iteration, the range of input data might decrease and so when the outliers have the conditions above, the outliers will be removed through this iteration. The exit criteria will be discussed below. The reason the median is used as a reference and not the mean is that the mean is too significantly affected by the presence of outliers, while the median is less affected, see Quantifying signal in a tile. The standard deviation is used because it is heavily influenced by the presence of outliers. Therefore the fact that it stops changing between two iterations is a sign that we have successfully removed outliers.

Note that in each clipping, the dispersion in the distribution is either less or equal.