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So far this year the CCRB has wrapped several cases just shy of the month cutoff. These give a flavor of the complaints—both serious and trivial—that might go unaddressed should the budget cuts take hold:. Group Combined Shape. Combined Shape Group 2. Enter search below: Combined Shape.

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Combined Shape. Rei Kawakubo: Like the Boys. But even this tabulation has no relevant data for several important states and the information contained in the tables is somewhat cryptic since it is not always clear to what types of offenses it refers. Further tabulation and analysis will be needed before any clear picture emerges.

In my review I was writing in the context of cases where the initial charge is of some gravity—either a felony or a serious misdemeanor.

Copping a Budget Plea

Kamisar, LaFave, and Israel assert in their Modern Criminal Procedure fifth edition, at page 23 that of all felony trials in America about 35 to 40 percent are nonjury. Definite figures are available for the federal courts showing that for the year ending June only about 17 percent of felony trials were nonjury United States Department of Justice, Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics, , Table 5. It is no doubt possible to arrive at a much higher percentage of nonjury trials by counting dispositions of prosecutions for traffic offenses, petty violations, and breaches of municipal ordinances.

Perhaps Judge Forer was making a projection from fragmentary information in that area. But I was not writing about this segment of criminal justice.

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