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Paleoseismology, Volume 62 (International Geophysics)

Weldon II, J. McCalpin, and T. Interpreting the Paleoseimic History by Retrodeformation. Chapter 7: S. Overview of the Formation of Liquefaction-Induced Features. Criteria for an Earthquake-Induced Liquefaction Origin. Historic and Prehistoric Liquefaction--Selected Studies.

Paleo-Seismology (Class 28- v2)

Features Generally of Nonseismic or Unknown Origin. Estimation of Strength of Paleoearthquakes. Chapter 8: R. Identifying Landslides. Determining Landslide Ages. Interpreting an Earthquake Origin for Landslides.

Analysis of the Seismic Origin of a Landslide. Interpreting Results of Paleoseismic Landslide Studies. Final Comments. Chapter 9: J.

Sumatran Paleoseismic Study | Earth Observatory of Singapore

Estimating Paleoearthquake Magnitude. Paleoearthquake Slip Rates and Recurrence. Fault Segmentation. Models of Fault Behavior. Models of Earthquake Recurrence.

ISBN 13: 9780123735768

Site Studies for Surface Rupture. Paleoseismic Data Applied to Neotectonic Research. Current Issues and Future Prospects in Paleoseismology. Paleoseismology has become an important component of seismic risk analysis, which is mandated for nuclear power plants, dams, waste repositories, and other critical structures. This book is the first in the English language to be devoted solely to paleoseismology. It summarizes the development of the field from the s to the present, encompassing material that is currently widely dispersed in journal articles.

Also, civil engineers, and risk analysts in federal and State agencies. Text adoption potential for courses on 'Geologic Hazards' and 'Neotectonics,' and graduate-level courses on 'Earthquake Hazards'. In effect, a reader is in possession of a wise and comprehensive review of field techniques of data collection and interpretation, applicable to current seismic risk analysis and seismic hazard assessment….

New papers on paleoseismology, earthquakes, and active tectonics (March 12222)

It is a rich resource of data, field techniques geological and geophysical , thoughtful and reflective methodological considerations, and literature. The book will be a basic reference for graduate students and researchers in environmental and engineering geosciences and for Quaternary geologists. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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Accepted version PDF, 4Mb. Publication Date Journal Title Geophysical Journal International. Publisher Oxford University Press. Pages Language English. Metadata Show full item record. Geophysical Journal International, The faults in this area have slip rates of less than 0.

Instrumental seismicity does only cover a small fraction of the very long earthquake recurrence intervals of several thousands of years. Paleoseismological studies are needed to constrain slip rates and the earthquake history of such faults. Destructive earthquakes are rare in the study area, but did occur in historic times.