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Visually, the film is full of exciting colours and charismatic animation, everything certainly pops, especially when characters break out into a sword fight or battle a monster. If you enjoyed my review, please consider supporting me with a tip through Ko-fi:. Posted on November 7, , in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. I place it on the top half of my personal DreamWorks film preference list. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Even though you know how it will end, you still feel an emotional pull in one of the final scenes. There were little kids and some adults in the audience crying at that point which, unlike previous reviewers, I will not spoil. It is not a "feel-good" movie, although it achieves that result. It is not a modern, priceless 2-D animated masterpiece like "Beauty and the Beast" or "The Little Mermaid," but it it comes pretty darned close. I highly recommend seeing this film.

Sinbad is a charming animated film with the DreamWorks edge Dkish 27 June Sinbad the Sailor, probably the greatest anti-hero of the Arabian Knights, has seen many incarnations over the years. This time a new animated film from DreamWorks delves into the myth with some celebrity voices in tow. Sinbad Brad Pitt is a happy pirate bent on retiring to Fiji after stealing the legendary Book of Peace.

The only problem is that his childhood friend Proteus Joseph Fiennes stands in his way. Sinbad finds himself in a conundrum when he fails to obtain the book and ends up following his friend back to his palace where he is introduced to Proteus's future wife Marina Catherine Zeta-Jones. Proteus puts his life on the line so that Sinbad can sail into uncharted territory and retrieve the book. Unbeknownst to Sinbad, Marina tags along. Can Sinbad wrestle with a goddess and get through uncharted territory in time to save his friend?

Sinbad has always been an epic character and one of my favorites from classic literature and myth. He has inspired so many other multi-layered adventure characters over the years. I was first exposed to his adventures when I was a child and obsessed with seeing more movies from legendary creature creator, Ray Harryhausen.

The Sinbad trilogy from Harryhausen still has a soft spot in my plethora of movie favorites. I loved the magic and vastness of worlds that inhabited Sinbad as a character. It was that knowledge and foundation that made me so excited about seeing a new incarnation of a classic character. That was a whole new blessing unto itself. DreamWorks's Sinbad was definitely a whole re-envisioning of the character but also quite a bold project on its own. I loved how the film seamlessly melded standard animation and computer graphics.

There hasn't been an animated film yet that has been able to make such a successful fusion. The backgrounds were utter eye-candy. I also really enjoyed how smart and delectable the dialogue was between these characters. The humor and drama were very involving and extremely enjoyable. As with every Sinbad movie, you always want to see more far off lands and more creatures. That allure and mystery is alive and well in this version.

What was probably the most interesting was that this was the first time an animated film had a character fall in love with his best friend's future wife or that an executioner is ready with a giant axe to slice off a character's head. Even some of the tongue-in-cheek humor was more aimed at adults than children.

Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #1 - Volume 1: The Eyes of Fire (Issue)

I liked that because it acknowledged that you don't have to be under 12 years old to enjoy animated films. My only wish for Sinbad would be that it had a grander score or a memorable song. I wanted some epic music for such a grand character. A bolder score would have made the animated film feel big enough to encompass what Sinbad is. Sinbad is a charming animated film with the DreamWorks edge but it needed to be bolder and bigger to do justice to such a legendary character.

I just wanted more. The animation graphics were brilliant, nice and big monsters for the family to enjoy. A bit of comedy thrown in there for the adults. A great one to see if you are a animation fan. This movie is definately a keeper. Edith Keeler 19 July When I went to see this movie at the theater I was all set to be disappointed because it wasn't doing very well at the box office. I was pleasantly surprised!

From the opening screen I was treated to beautiful animation telling a fast paced story of high adventure driven by classical mythology. The characters are complex but sympathetic. The humor is sophisticated. And the solutions to the heros' predicaments are original and exciting. Especially beautiful are the seqences in the relm of the Goddess. This is wonderful adventure fun for the entire family, not just for the kiddies. The Goddess of Discord steals the magic book that protects the Twelve Cities and frames Sinbad for the theft. Sinbad's childhood friend offers himself in Sinbad's place while Sinbad goes off to recover the book from the goddess.

If the book is not recovered in time, the friend will forfiet his life. Will Sinbad the professional thief recover the book and save his friend's life or let him die to save his own skin? I totally loved it. The animation was beautiful and the storyline interesting enough. I would see it again. I was surprised that Sinbad was seen as a failure. I loved the animation and the storyline. It was a PG rated animated movie, what should be expected? The drawing was on time, the voices were great and the adventure was mesmerizing.

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I would take my grandchildren to see it again just as an excuse to view this cinematic treasure again. I was surprised that this movie has been poorly reviewed! I loved it! The animation is incredible, the characters are well-developed, and the story is interesting. It sends a pretty good message about doing the right thing, and also that women being as able as men.

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I would recommend this for middle schoolers and older, and I believe that even adults would really enjoy this film. In fact, this is now one of my favourites!

If you enjoy movies like The Princess Bride or Treasure Planet, this is probably a pretty good one for you. However, I would not recommend this to anyone who disapproves of even the subtlest sexual themes, non-Christian stories, or mention of human mortality. StevePulaski 10 April Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas is a fine piece of animation, gloriously drawn, fluently animated, and well told, it was a depressing realization to its company Dreamworks and the entire animated empire in Hollywood.

Due to its modest box office returns, it cemented the fact that "traditional stories with traditional animation" employing the quote from Dreamworks head Jeffrey Katzenberg weren't going to cut it anymore, and audiences wanted bigger animation, more serious morals, and wittier works than in previous years. Yet that's not to say Sinbad can't effectively be enjoyed on its own terms. The story is a slender one, concerning the title character voiced fittingly by Brad Pitt , who is on an expedition to recover the Book of Peace from Eris Michelle Pfeiffer. Her plan was to frame Sinbad for stealing the book which has united the twelve different lands for years and get him sentenced to death.

The fork in the plan was Prince Proteus Joseph Fiennes stepped in to spare the death of Sinbad so he can embark on the rough seas with his crew and the gorgeous Marina Catherine Zeta-Jones to recover the book. Now, the fate of Sinbad's village Syracuse rests in his hands. The film reminds me of the swashbuckling adventure films Disney used to release in the sixties and seventies to much acclaim. As a matter of fact, in some cases, the film mirrors Disney's animated films, most notably Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Treasure Planet for taking place on the rigorous seas and exploring new territory.

While the film doesn't have the clunky animation Treasure Planet had, it doesn't the memorable, majestic beauty Atlantis boasted. That film was an incredible, underrated visual achievement for Disney, as it showed its slicker, more mature side than the happy-go-lucky, song-and-dance persona the company predicated itself on for many years. Sinbad, however, does further my view that Dreamworks is the most talented animated company when it comes to fluent movement. Being that the film takes place almost entirely on the unpredictable seas, movement of the ship and the characters on board is almost required and the guys behind the animation have a lot of fun with the possibilities.

Sinbad was the reason animation was invented to begin with. Seeing these kinds of things done in live action, likely assisted by an embarrassing amount of computers, would be ordinary and rather predictable. Because it takes place in a divine, animated wonderland, the characters do not have to subject themselves to plausibility, the laws of physics, or even the gravitational force. Animation was meant to break all kinds of laws and that's what this film does and does well. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas works as a competent story and would've probably been praised had it been released in the eighties or the nineties.

But, to come full circle, what was efficient and passable fare back then isn't what passes as entertainment today. It serves more as a footnote for Dreamworks than a significant, indelible watermark. Directed by: Tim Johnson and Patrick Gilmore. A good storyline and the only weakness is the thin pirate script. However the emphasis of friendship is strong as a counter. Voices are dubbed well and the whole is a good result for all ages in a slow summer of school holidays!

GHCool 26 July Don't judge it by the lame advertising campaign the studio put out. This is a superior animated film. The animation is beautiful and the action is exhilarating. My Grade: 9 out of 10 "Who's bad? Shark75 26 July The most enjoyable movie this year so far. The story is great, the animation is awesome, the music and sound is sensational. What more could you ask for? A hugely entertaining film.

You wont be dissapointed. It's Dreamworks! Did you even watch it? I enjoyed this film which contained a mix of beautiful animation, action, romance, and story telling. Overall it's a very good movie but some of the violence and frightful scenes make it a bit much for children under 7. I rated this film 8 out of 10, it's highly entertaining but not quite an all time classic. It might not be as good from the story point-of-view as some of the other films released by the studio "Shrek 1 and 2" and "The Road To El Dorado" are better , but it makes up for its lack of narrative ingenuity in other departments.

They are trying to steal enough riches to retire to a life of luxury in Fiji, but their plans are interrupted when Sinbad discovers that the boat he's just boarded belongs to an old childhood friend, Prince Proteus voice of Joseph Fiennes. After being knocked overboard Sinbad is saved from drowning by Eris, the Goddess of Discord voice of Michelle Pfeiffer.

She persuades him to steal the Book Of Peace for her, promising him wealth and power beyond his wildest dreams. But later Eris herself steals the Book, framing Sinbad for the crime and leaving him to face execution in the city of Syracuse.

Sinbad: Legend of Seven Seas (part 1)

Proteus is the only person who believes that Sinbad is innocent of the crime so he does a deal. If he returns in time, he will be pardoned. If he returns late or not at all, Proteus will die. Along the way, Sinbad learns a few important life-lessons, such as commitment, honesty, friendship and loyalty.

But he also finds himself falling in love with Marina, even though she is betrothed to his friend. Worse still, he learns that getting the book back from Eris will require sacrifices and a change of character that might just be beyond his ability.. As mentioned, the animation is consistently excellent throughout. Harry Gregson-Williams gives the film a memorable and exciting score, and John Logan's screenplay provides a sufficient variety of adventures in adventurous realms. The vocal acting is OK too, with some of the stars enjoying better roles than others.

Pfeiffer and Zeta-Jones in particular get fully into the spirit of the film. The not-so-good elements include a rather bland, by-the-numbers plot anyone who's ever seen a Ray Harryhausen film will knows what's coming well before it happens. Aside from its periodic flaws it's definitely fun for the family. My Take: Revives the old-fashioned Sinbad adventures of yore with the style and wit of modern animated movies. The fast-paced storyline sets you off to the high seas and doesn't lose track.

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Brad Pitt is delight as the voice of the wisecracking Sinbad, a seafaring pirate who is framed by the evil Goddess of Chaos savory Michelle Pfieffer on stealing the legendary Book of Peace, which unites nations in harmony. While his trusted childhood friend Proteus voiced by Joseph Fiennes courageously allows to take Sinbad's place in execution, Sinbad sets of to find the book in order to save his trusted friend Also accompanying Sinbad on this lovely and perilous voyage is the audience, young or old, who will definitely have a rollicking good time with this film's successful melding of action and comedy Once again, Disney has found great competition for an animated entertainment in this terrifically enjoyable adventure.

Adults will have much to be surprised themselves even if they had that final kiss scene coming. Lots of fun. Its an odd mix of computer and regular animation who's blending doesn't always seem seamless. It does work better than Dreamworks earlier Spirit since the mix helps to add to the other worldliness of some of the bits. The basic plot has Sinbad trying to steal The Book of Peace from a ship on the ocean. When he finally runs down the ship he finds its commanded by a boyhood friend.

Not one to stand on ceremony he attempts to steal the book only to be interrupted by a kraken like being sent by the goddess Eris. Together the pair defeat the beast, in one of the great set pieces of the film, but in the process Sinbad is swept overboard only to be rescued by Eris who tells him to steal the book for her and she'll make him rich. Sinbad agrees, but for reasons left for the viewing , he backs out only to be blamed for the theft anyway. His friend knows he's innocent and takes his place so Sinbad can attempt to get the book back with in the ten days before his execution.

Thats the first fifteen minutes. Its not as exciting as all of that, these fifteen minutes I mean, since its badly handled exposition done to get the plot really moving. I have a suspicion that the voyage was designed before the framing sequences and that the inclusion of Eris was done simply because it was a way to get the wheels in motion and have a magical air to it all.

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The voice cast is uniformly excellent. It is quite possibly the best voice cast of this stature that I've seen in a long time. That should be heard. The joys of the listening to Pitt, Pfeiffer, and Zeta-Jones is that they really are acting and really are selling the film. I can imagine everyone being on set and acting together even though the fact is far from the truth. The writing is excellent and you can see that the film really was written as if it were a live action film in the way that the characters hang together is a more real way than in many animated films where characters are of a type and nothing more.

Here the characters are people which is nice. Because the writing is so good the reasons for things are clearer than in most animated films these are people reasons not cartoon reasons, for example the reason why Sinbad was gone for ten years could only have been come upon by someone who wrote a real script instead of fumbled around with a storyboard.

This small moment is, for me one of the high points of the film. The dialog is fantastic, witty and snide and dead nuts on. The film is best viewed as a film that exists only for the voyage since thats the best part and what a voyage it is. Here the film becomes a series of wonderful set pieces that are joy to behold, but are at times regrettably undercut by the bad directed linking material. Beyond saying ignore the links I want to say little about the actual film other than that the kraken sequence, the dragons teeth sequence, the island hopping, the snow bird and several others are fantastic adventure sequences that rouse you up and get you into the mood to go adventuring.

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This is great stuff. Oh my word its wonderful, pull those little heart strings why don't you. This is the romance of Nick and Nora or Spencer and Susan, but with action added in. And even as I wax poetic about the movie I must remind you that even as the voyage builds to a conclusion the movie wobbles a bit at the end, not the very end, but a couple of minutes before when I was going to myself, "thats it? You mean all of that and thats it? But lest you worry it picks up and ends with a bang. Since when is Sinbad a citizen of Syracuse?