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Slender: The Arrival

When you enter the door, the screen goes black, and 'Slender: The Arrival' logo appears, and then the game proceeds to the Eight Pages. Along the way, she collects eight of the pieces of paper with Kate's mad scribblings on them, and is harassed by the Slender Man. After collecting the 8th page, the Slender Man attempts to grab her, but she breaks free and dashes off through the forest in a blind panic.

As she explores the closed valley, she finds that she must enter a dark tunnel into a mountain that, as is alluded to in a collectible newspaper article, was created by Kullman Mining Co. As she enters, Lauren sees a sign that instructs that in the event of a power outage, six generators must be activated in order to power the emergency lift and escape.


During this, she is also harassed by the Slender Man. Chapter 4: " Flashback " After making her way out of the mine, Lauren is allowed again to briefly explore the beautiful landscape as she collects evidence relating to Kate. As she traverses, she finds a teddy bear on the side of the trail. She then progresses through a small cave and finds a small building, inside which there is a TV with two tapes on the table next to it. As of version 2.

Slender The Arrival - Walkthrough Gameplay Full Game

Chapter 5: " Memories " This chapter can be accessed by finding the stuffed teddy bear in the woods in Chapter 4. This chapter allows the player to take control of Charlie, while playing on the beach with his family having a picnic. Charlie spots a trail of toy trains that lead him to the woods.

His parents eventually start calling for him after Charlie grabs the last piece of the toy train. Charlie realizes that something is stalking him and begins to look for a way out, only to find a dead end and be captured by Slender Man, while screaming for help. Chapter 6: " Escape " One of the tapes shows footage of a girl scribbling on a sheet of paper.

The video is of Kate, now controlled by the player, who has to secure her home from the Slender Man. During this process, she sees the Slender Man and tries to hide in her room. While investigating the Matheson Farmstead, CR is chased by Charlie, now turned into a Proxy, while discovering evidence that the Mathesons have been watched by Slender Man for generations. Once CR exits the cellar, he then drops the camera and can then be seen getting chased by Charlie as a proxy. She charges toward the radio tower that she thinks will save her from the Slender Man. Along the way she dodges flames, falling trees, and a very aggressive Slender Man.

As she enters the tower, the door slams shut. A loud pounding is heard, presumably the Slender Man having just been locked out behind her and trying to get in. Ahead lies a locked door, where a key must be found to unlock it. After finding it, footsteps can be heard and Lauren is forced to proceed to a dead-end hallway. The leading door slams behind her and as she reads the writing etched on the wall, she realizes that Kate is going to be the one to kill her—that the voice of her only real friend has told her to do it it is presumed that this friend is the Slender Man, who has warped her mind and driven her insane.

An enraged Slender Man. Lauren walks to the end of the hall where the charred corpse of a man, presumed to be CR, is lying next to a video camera. As Lauren plays the audio on the camera, she hears CR trying to convince Kate to do something, most likely commit suicide with him, as evidenced by note No. Kate screams that she can't, and runs away. CR then says sorry to someone, and starts screaming.

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After a while, a woman, presumably Kate, starts laughing. The audio ends suddenly. The camera, near dead, begins to flash of incoherent shapes and loud noises while the decaying figure is Charles Matheson Jr. Waking up in a basement, Lauren finds herself with an almost dead camera battery. A quick inspection of the room, gives her a close look at Charlie, who is guarding the stairs that lead up to the rest of the mysterious setting. Attempting to rush up the stairs will be obviously hindered. Exploration instincts kick in and Lauren finds a nearly burnt notebook and one last printed email from CR.

She looks again and Charlie is gone, allowing access to the upper floor. She finds, however, she is back in the burnt house from the prologue, replaced by the crying of Kate. Navigating the hallways, Lauren comes face to face with her friend, and a single attempt to get any closer results in her ultimate demise as a sudden switch from Kate to The Chaser in a single instant. And before long, the camera is shown the view of Lauren's legs vanishing slowly from view as her body is dragged away.

And then nothing as the game ends and the credits roll. In it, Kate is wandering around a park at night, when she finds a page with disturbing images and text on it.

The Awakening

Slender Man begins to stalk her. When Kate finds all of the Eight pages scattered around the park, Slender Man catches up to her.

However, rather than abducting her, he simply says, "I have plans for you, Kate. After investigating clues and gather evidence of the prior events, she eventually reaches a radio tower, where her fate is left unresolved. In the Hardcore mode, Lauren presumably jumps off the radio tower and her fate is still unresolved. Kate's mother recently died, and she is contemplating selling her house, which is why Lauren is coming to visit.

Prior to the events of the game, she was having visions of the Slender Man, something she shared with her friend, CR. The night before presumably the events of the game, she was attacked in her home by the Slender Man, but managed to escape, as revealed in "Chapter 4". She was hunted by Slender Man, became insane, and now is subsequently turned into proxy.

She was The Chaser in Chapter 3 who chased Lauren and was served as a antagonist in that chapter. During chapter 1 a letter can be found where CR revealed his feelings for her. This may attribute to her not answering him as he mentions in later letters. Facing him causes the camera to glitch and distort, intensifying as the player gets closer. In the game, it is also shown that it can turn its victims into "proxies", or assistants of sorts.

Presumably killed by either Kate or the Slender Man himself. He investigated Charlie Matheson Jr. A letter sent to Kate reveals his name as Carl Ross as well his feelings for her. Charlie Matheson Jr. Implied to have encountered the Slender Man in the backstory. With the release of the new secret level, some players assume that he is the Slender Man, though there is little to support this. Others say he is CR, but, there is also little evidence to back this up. In the Steam update, he is introduced in person as a decaying proxy appearing briefly in the Prologue and kidnapping Lauren in The Arrival.

The majority of the game takes place in abandoned areas house, defunct mine, etc. The character is armed only with a flashlight. This limited defense forces a sense of helplessness, as the best way to survive in the game is to run whenever in danger. The Slender Man's behavior changes slightly between levels. In the first level, the Slender Man can be seen outside the window, and after going through the gate outside he can be seen on the top of hills well away from the player.

In level two, he most often teleports off-screen or just out of the character's line of sight, but is capable of appearing directly in front of the player. It is observed that his motion centers around following the player, but consists largely of jumping from place to place, the inconvenience of which is increased as each of the eight pages are collected.

His behavior is much the same as this in level four, except more active. In level three, he pursues much less aggressively, though is capable of teleporting directly in front of the player. In this level, the main antagonist is a girl who chases the player most often following her path directly, but has been seen teleporting. It is unknown whether this is a glitch or an in-game mechanic. The only way of subduing her is by focusing the flashlight on its second setting on her. While looking at the Slender Man, the camera succumbs to electronic distortions such as static, blurring, color spots, audio distortion, etc.

The player cannot pause while this occurs, to prevent them taking a break due to being frightened. When caught, the game over screen is also different; while in Slender: The Eight Pages , the player saw a white static background with Slender Man's faceless head, the one for Slender: The Arrival is black, with an overhead-lit and color-distorted hue and less static.

There are also new choices in difficulty which must first be unlocked by completing the game once being easy, normal, and hardcore. The differences being that hardcore allows the flashlight to run out, enemies are more aggressive and the player's stamina runs out quickly. Easy has infinite flashlight, a great deal of stamina, and the enemies are not very aggressive. There are some notable differences between this map and the original map from The Eight Pages , most notably being the terrain and the layout of the paths.

There is also a secret building outside the boundaries of the map that might have been intended as the original replacement for the silo. Once you have located all eight pages, the intense music and sound will fade into silence. Slender: The Arrival received mixed to positive reviews, with critics praising its soundtrack, tense atmosphere and scares, but also criticizing its shorter than expected campaign length and repetitive gameplay.

In a positive review, The Escapist said "you may have mixed feelings about its brevity and the repetitive mechanics, but it's certainly a well-built game that, above all, is scary to play" and gave the game a score of 4. VVGtv gave the game a score of 8. GameSpot gave the game a score of 8. In a negative review, VideoGamer said The Arrival is a "frustrating game, not just because it can be occasionally unfair but because these guys clearly have no idea how to promote fear.

Running around playing kiss chase with a trans-dimensional being doesn't really cut it. The Metro also criticized the lack of varied gameplay, stating, "the first game had little real gameplay and this sequel does nothing to expand things, just repeat the experience often enough to rob it of its power. An indie developer by the name of Brandon Santos better known by his online alias " SlenderDev " has vowed to develop a remaster of Slender: The Arrival. Though not yet endorsed by the original developers, the project is on-going.

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. The game was released on March 26, at midnight. S rates the game Teen T for blood and violence. Contents [ show ]. This level serves as an enhanced remake of the original Slender: The Eight Pages. This chapter is accessed in Chapter 4, along with the tape for "Homestead". This chapter is accessed in Chapter 4, along with the tape for "Escape". An enraged Slender Man Lauren walks to the end of the hall where the charred corpse of a man, presumed to be CR, is lying next to a video camera.

Slender- The Arrival -- Official Trailer. Ideas for Remastered 7 messages. Will continue on The Chaser, wh Thank you. Prev Next. More from crescentshadows19 Why You? I kept on revising it and I settled with it despite not being very satisfied with it at all. Oh well, I'll start replying to all my messages tomorrow since it's the middle of the night. Welp, enjoy. Rolling around the sheets, you had a distinct feeling that you had to get up but you ignored it.

Your head was having a slight head ache, your legs felt like jell-o, and your bed covers were warm and inviting. So staying in bed it is then. You shifted near the edge of your mattress and blinked while sleepily looking down. Basically a soulmate AU. Sure, it's granted that plans change all the time, but you never expected; well You nervously glanced at the person?

You can't blame him, you were both caught up in this mess, but you also accidentally added fuel to the fire. You bit your lip in anxiousness. He caught you staring at him. You gulped and made a weak smile; praying inwardly that he won't murder you on the spot. He growled and returned to looking at the other side of the room; flat-out ignoring you as you both waited awkwardly for his brothers to probably hel. Just so we can know what's going in his head.

Apparently, this was not the case. Lying on the carpeted floor, he sighed. The blanket and pillow you had given him gave him little to no comfort. He rubbed his temple in frustrat. Your soul mate, who was already furious with you awhile ago, looked murderous as he fumed as one of his brothers in a polka-dotted suit seemed to be hugging the life out of him while squealing happily. The other two—one wearing a fedora and the other a sweater vest—kept on badgering him with different yet similarly annoying questions.

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You listened in stealthily at the doorway of the kitchen, uncertain whether you were welcome or not, while making sure you didn't get seen. She activates three generators to light up the path and finds a burnt farmhouse. Inside is Charlie Matheson Jr.

He disappears when Lauren approaches him.

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Lauren aimlessly searches the wooded area for any clues as to the whereabouts of her friend, only finding more of the scribbled drawings. As she ventures deeper into the park searching for the eight drawings, scopaesthesia causes her to encounter a tall, faceless figure named Slender Man. After all pages are collected, Lauren runs from Slender Man, slipping down an embankment, hitting her head and causing her to pass out. She regains consciousness several hours later which is now morning , disoriented; still searching for Kate, Lauren stumbles upon an old abandoned coal mine.

Various scraps of old paperwork reveal the mine to have been abandoned in a hurry, crediting seemingly random and unexplained attacks upon the crew to the closure of the mine. An escape route was outlined, but due to inactivity, remains inoperable. With nowhere to go, Lauren attempts to reactivate the emergency lift by activating the six generators that power it.

Her progress is hindered by the attack of a young figure known as the Chaser, who seems to be afraid of the light of Lauren's flashlight, dressed in a blood covered white hooded sweatshirt and white mask. The Chaser's long black hair being the only discernible feature left uncloaked. Slender Man later attempts to attack Lauren in the mine.

Lauren does manage to escape both the Chaser and Slender Man and use the lift to get out of the mine. She continues moving forward, reaching a small storage outpost for the now abandoned mining facility. Within she discovers a small television playing a video along with two other tapes. Intrigue getting the better of her, Lauren watches the tape. On screen, she finds herself watching Kate hurriedly scribbling upon papers.

Kate stops, grabs her camera and after discovering that Slender Man is trying to get in, starts to close every door and window in the house but Slender Man manages to get inside. Kate then runs back to her room where Slender Man suddenly appears inside. Kate appears to jump out of the bedroom window before the tape abruptly ends. The second tape shows Carl Ross CR for short , a friend of Kate's, investigating a farm where he repairs a pulley system, find gas canisters to power a generator, and looks for a key needed to unlock a gate to a chapel.

Charlie pursues him at every turn and eventually chases him away. The third tape shows Charlie playing on the beach and after collecting a trail of toy trains that lead him into the woods, he is caught by Slender Man. Obeying a message etched upon the wall across from the television, Lauren continues up the mountainside towards a radio tower.

Behind every turn, Slender Man attempts to capture Lauren with increasing ferocity while she avoids fire and falling trees within a burning forest. Lauren narrowly escapes her attacker in the hallways of the radio tower building and looks for a key needed to unlock a door. Her flashlight's batteries die as she travels through the door only to find she has reached a dead end, containing a burnt body who is possibly CR , a fire and a camera with the recording of two panicked people.

Shortly after listening, the corridor goes dark and Charlie runs towards Lauren accompanied by seeing flashing images of Charlie before blacking out. An additional level takes place after Kate fled into the woods where she collected the eight pages while being followed by Slender Man, after finding all the pages Slender Man catches her, claiming that he "has plans for her".

If the player has beaten the game once before, a Hardcore difficulty option will unlock, which is like the first game but more difficult. One difference is that Lauren must find gas canisters in order to power the generators in the mine. Before a game update, upon completion of the game again, Lauren will attempt to escape by jumping from a high area, in which her camera dies after she does so.

After an update to the game was made, this ending is no longer possible to get. The game now ends with Lauren awake in the basement of the farmhouse from earlier with Charlie blocking the way out. After finding two documents, Charlie disappears. Lauren hears crying upstairs and finds Kate but when she approaches her, Kate suddenly turns into the Chaser implying that they are both the same person and attacks her.

Lauren's camera turns back on temporarily to show someone's legs being dragged away.