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The present is full of suffering and the future looks hopeless since he will die of unrequited love.

Themes, Sequences and Style

Still, he does not want to die, because death will end the suffering that gives meaning to his life. She will cause his death without any remorse because she does not love him.

Shakespeare's Sonnets - Sonnet 1: From Fairest Creatures We Desire Increase

The closing question adds a final resigned note, because there is no doubt about the answer: she will be the cause of his death. It is remarkably devoid of imagery, except for the opening metaphor of the road. Even here, the road is barren and empty with no adjective to give it colour or warmth.

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  5. Themes, Sequences and Style.

In fact, one of the most striking features of this sonnet is the complete lack of adjectives and preponderance of verbs 18 conjugated verbs alone! Once we get past the road metaphor, we run into constant wordplay, repetition, and impersonal pronouns to refer to the lady a quien , ella , la suya.

Garcilaso de la Vega. Sonnet 1. Cuando me paro … Analysis.

What is the effect of all this? Why is that?

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Amanda Mabillard. Shakespeare Online.

Reference: Shakespeare, William. The sonnets of Shakespeare from the quarto of Raymond MacDonald Alden.

Astrophil and Stella – Sonnet I

Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Are all the Sonnets addressed to two Persons? Who was The Rival Poet? Radical, when a word or root of some general meaning is employed with reference to diverse objects on account of an idea of some similarity between them, just as the adjective 'dull' is used with reference to light, edged tools, polished surfaces, colours, sounds, pains, wits, and social functions; and Poetical, where a word of specialized use in a certain context is used in another context in which it is literally inappropriate, through some similarity in function or relation, as 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune', where 'slings' and 'arrows', words of specialized meaning in the context of ballistics, are transferred to a context of fortune.

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