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Two years on, the band offer an update on their musical journey with the scant but worthwhile Our Bones.


This more stripped-back and vulnerable side of The Contortionist that to world needs to hear more of. If only it were longer.

And it goes without saying, the vocal performance by Lessard is leaps and bounds better than the original. Sorry, Billy Corgan.

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Years ago it may have seemed unlikely for The Contortionist to offer an earnest, compelling take on a Smashing Pumpkins track, but their rendition is legitimately nice. In all, Our Bones is a much welcomed stop-gap before the next The Contortionist release and offers hints at their next steps.

Our Bones is out August 9th, through eOne Music.

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  7. Pre-orders are available at this location. The Contortionist represents fearlessness in musical expression, designed to please artist as much as audience.

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    This band makes progressive metal music, anchored in the heavy sounds that first drew the individual players to the stage, yet unmoored by convention or expectation. The Contortionist integrates seemingly disparate worlds to create their own sound, with a focus on tone, vibe, color, and atmosphere.

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    7. Even when angular riffs, odd time signatures, and devastating breakdowns give way to hypnotic,ethereal, and trancelike musical meditations, The Contortionist are never lacking in total power. In whatever The Contortionist endeavors to do, there will always be a great amount of thought, attention to detail, and shared love of musicality.

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      They have committed to never surrender to the path of least resistance, always challenging themselves and their audience.