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But the suit claims Henderson and other staff decided she was to blame and retaliated anyway, giving her numerous poor job reviews, write-ups and several unpaid suspensions. Romalino continued to report issues she saw, including calling the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA , which ordered CFS to remedy the septic, mold and mildew issues in one bathroom, the suit said.

Romalino was eventually terminated on April 22, according to the suit. The suit, filed by Marlton attorney Peter M.

What do children think is disgusting? | Museum of Science, Boston

Romalino was a hard working and dedicated employee, and was doing everything she could to look out for the best interests of the children," Draper said. Rebecca Everett may be reached at reverett njadvancemedia.

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Then I went into the shower, [and ] it was pouring out into the shower. She continued, "[After] I got my sweatpants to go to the hospital, I put a little pad on just in case a little water trickled out.

My whole entire yoga pants were soaked when I got to the hospital. Since it wasn't her first time at the rodeo, best believe she took an epidural as soon as she arrived to the hospital. I didn't feel any contractions this time. Now this is where things get TMI. When it was time to give birth, Snooki recalled how "awesome" her delivery went.

Birkenhead cemetery's baby graves left in 'disgusting' state

Her mom and husband were in the delivery room, however, she confessed that Jionni still "doesn't want to see any of that. I'm posting a lot of videos of him on my Insta Stories," Snooki said, adding, "He sleeps a lot, he's like me. He sleeps a lot during the day and then at night, he's chugging and s--tting.

So he's like us.

Jay Foreman’s’ Even More, Brand New, Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children

Right now, the mom-of-three revealed she's trying to "get back into her groove. Now I'm trying to just get back into my groove, and it's really hard with three kids.

Most women are accustomed to dealing with blood hello aunt flow. If reading the word Lice makes you scratch a little, you are not alone. As you can see parenthood is a messy, quite often gross and germ-ridden line of work.

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No matter the day or time, you are only one moment away from having to touch something that makes your face resemble the vomit emoji! But above all else the most disgusting thing you will encounter is the mess at the bottom of the soaking bucket, when all of the above are left to fester for a day …. The only thing worse than poo, wee, vomit, snot, old food, blood, and lice — is them mixed together, in water, germinating and festering… this is why we invented the Strucket — so you can touch less mess.

How the Strucket can help. Order Now.

Vomit Milk vomit, food vomit, reflux, and gastro. Snot Green, yellow, lumpy and running. Week old chewed food Children leave a lot of things unfinished.

Blood Blood.