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The second issue considered in this paper is the use of classical tradition: the use of the same phrases and topoi to express certain feelings, notably grief in funeral laments, is evidence of effacing the border between a nonhuman animal and a human being. The comparative materials are some cynological Latin treatises and another text on dogs. Currency and addition of Tax VAT depend on your shipping address.

Add to Cart. Have an Access Token? Enter your access token to activate and access content online. Please login and go to your personal user account to enter your access token. Have Institutional Access? Forgot your password? Table of Contents. Related Content. Narrative Ethics. Editors: Jakob Lothe and Jeremy Hawthorn. While Plato recommended expelling poets from the ideal society, W. Auden famously declared that poetry makes nothing happen. All work from the premise that the analysis of narrative ethics needs to be linked to a sensitivity to esthetic narrative form.

The ethical issues are accordingly located on different levels. Some are clearly presented as thematic concerns within the text s considered, while others emerge through or are generated by the presentation of character and event by means of particular narrative techniques.

Others concentrate on less-well-known texts written in languages other than English. Dark staining in the hair around the eyes "tear staining" can be a problem in this breed, and is mostly a function of how much the individual dog's eyes water and the size of the tear ducts. To get rid of tear staining, a solution or powder can be specially made for tear stains, which can often be found in local pet stores. A fine-toothed metal pet comb, moistened with hot water and applied perhaps twice weekly, also works extremely well.

Maltese are susceptible to " reverse sneezing ", which sounds like a honking, snorting or gagging sound and results often from over-excitement, play, allergies, or upon waking up. It is not life-threatening or dangerous—it will go away after about a minute. Maltese tend to have many or several tooth problems usually resulting in cavities, without proper care the infected teeth may fall out as the dog gets older. Dog Information. Search this site. Afghan Hound. Airedale Terrier. Alaskan Malamute.

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