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Middle is also the centre of the field. The advantage is to quick bowlers who have a shiny and bouncy ball, but conversely it can result in an increase in scoring rate as the ball comes off the bat faster. The batsman can be given out for deliberately obstructing the fielders. Also, the cut strip in the centre of the field of play. It is a handy stroke for beating conventional fields in a one-day game, but it has its drawbacks as well — just ask Chris Naudi and Bikram Arora.

Reverse Swing: When the ball is old and the pitch abrasive, it involves sideways movement of the ball through the air that is contrary to your average everyday laws of physics. Rip: Big turn for a spin bowler, especially a leg-spinner, who can use the whole action of the wrist to impart maximum revolutions on the ball. At the end of an innings in test matches, the side about to start their innings will be offered the choice of a heavy or light roller.

Rope: Used to mark the perimeter of the field. If the ball crosses the boundary it will be signalled by the umpire. Usually, this will be situated a foot or so outside leg stump, and consequently it becomes a tasty target for spin bowlers, who can exploit the extra turn. Run-chase: Generally the fourth innings of a first-class or Test match, and the latter stages of a one-day game, when the match situation has been reduced to a set figure for victory, in a set time or maximum number of overs.

Run-up: The preparatory strides taken by a bowler as they steady themselves for delivery. Also the area in which they run before delivering the ball. Seam bowlers, as opposed to swing bowlers, rely on movement off the pitch, rather than through the air. Often offensive, occasionally amusing and always a topic of conversation. Just ask Haroon Majeed. Just ask Robert Krishna. Just ask Bikram Arora. This change of pace can be achieved by a change of grip, or a late tweak of the wrist. If I need a little Bible thumping, I'll ask you!

Air surrounds us all. It may be clean and fresh in the country, it may be polluted in big cities, but its life-giving presence is all around us. Air is air, but it becomes something entirely different when inhaled and exhaled by a living creature.

Friday, October 08, 2010

It becomes breath. It literally changes in both chemical composition and potential. Words are breath. Words are simply air set in motion by a living soul. But oh, how the words differ. All carried by the same air. Hate or love spoken, same air. Encouragement or discouragement spoken, same air.

Compliments or criticisms spoken, same air. Curses or blessings spoken, same air. Can do or can't do spoken, same air. The beauty or misery of life spoken, same air. Faith or doubt spoken, same air. Laughter or sighs expressed, same air. Same air, but different breath. Air comes into us all with the same potential.

We change it, we charge it, we shape it, we make it, then we send it. Regardless of what you have been through, no matter what your parents did, no matter what is or isn't in your bank account, no matter what hurts,YOU have a decision to make about the next breath. God not only breathed the breath of life into man and he became a living soul, He gave us the choice of what to do with every breath.

He literally gave you the power to breathe life into people and situations, all with the power of your words. He gave you the power of good and evil, life and death, with breath. Take a deep breath … and decide. I thought all the readers would like a fresh breath of air.

This article was a production of "Cry of the Spirit. While I've participated in a number of impassioned exchanges with Rich Howard, I wish this Guestbook could be used for more worthwhile purposes.

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I'm currently in graduate school studying Human Development and Psychology and many of my assignments have required me to reflect back on my childhood and adolescent experiences, the majority of which occurred in Attleboro. I'm saddened by what I see as the progressive deterioration of the city and the complacency of the residents who continue to live there.

We must take steps to improve the lives of those currently living in Attleboro, especially our schoolchildren! While AHS has a number of great programs designed to get students to college, those programs are targeted to students who fit the stereotype of those who are college educated; namely white, middle class kids. But the twist is that Attleboro is largely made up of children who don't fit this profile—children like me who were homeless, had family members addicted to alcohol and drugs, etc.

My proposal is to begin using the Guestbook as a way to brainstorm ideas for revitalizing the town and its programs geared toward young people. I think it's wonderful that we have a new mayor who seemingly has a vision to do just that. Also, I urge folks to volunteer their extra time to the numerous organizations located in and around Attleboro. The local homeless shelter could not only use your time, but your donations as well. Please give children in Attleboro the head start they deserve. Attleboro was just mentioned as a city with a considerable homeless problem in Jonathan Kozol's latest book, Rachel and Her Children.

So, maybe when you pick up some of that blade meat, give a little to your less fortunate neighbors. When you move back to Attleboro with your children, instill in them a desire to help out their less fortunate classmates. I'm getting the education I need to someday give back in the fullest way possible to the children of Attleboro. I responded to Mr. McAuliffe, the plumber who wants to unclog the guestbook, via e-mail. Does anyone remember the Duphily's on Alvin Street?

Does anyone know where they all went? I found it inspiring and will be looking for a way to copy it for each of my family members. Again,Thank You. Representative, first female Democrat from state elected to Congress Mike Douglas , singer and television talk-show host Paul Douglas , professor, politician Democrat , year U.

Senator of Illinois born in Massachusetts Stephen A. Douglas , politician Democrat , U. Senator —61, presidential candidate vs. Abe Lincoln born in Vermont John A. Wayne A. Downing , four-star U. Fred Dubois , 2-term U. Senator from Idaho Richard L. Representative and U. Senator of Illinois, Majority Whip, U. Eden , 19th-century U. Edgren , cartoonist, Olympic athlete Benjamin S. Erlenborn , politician Republican , U. Representative — Marsha J. Ewing , politician Republican , U. Representative — William Lee D. Ewing , governor 14 days and U.

Senator —37 born in Kentucky. Farnsworth , Union general in Civil War, 7-term U. Farrell , author, Studs Lonigan Charles B.

Farwell , philanthropist, U. Senator born in New York John V.

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Fawell , politician Republican , U. Ficklin , U. Firestone Jr. Foley , U. Foster , surgeon, mayor of Olney , U. Glenn , lawyer, U. Secretary of Labor —62, Ambassador to U. Graff , lawyer, U. Grant III , soldier, city planner, grandson of U. Gray , Air Force combat pilot, U. Representative —89 William S. Guiteau , assassin of President James A. Gunsaulus , educator, orator and minister born in Ohio Charles F. Guyton , basketball player Boone Guyton , test pilot, aviation pioneer Brad Guzan , professional soccer goalkeeper.

Hale , astronomer Arthur R. Hamilton , U. Hansbrough , U. Harding , Civil War officer, U. Louis Cardinals —83 Pearl M. Hauman G. Haugan , railroad executive, brother of Helge A. Heidinger , U. Henderson , Civil War general, U. Hitt , U. Representative — born in Ohio. Hodge , commanding general of U.

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Hoffman , auto executive and statesman James F. Hoge Jr. Holzapple , U. Hopkins , U. Representative —, U. Hull , lawyer, U. Representative —33 William E. Hull , postmaster of Peoria , U. Representative —33 Randy Hultgren , U. Hungate , U. Hunt , U. Hyde , politician Republican , U. Allen Hynek , astronomer, UFO authority. Harold L. Ickes , U. Ingersoll , U. Representative —70 born in New York Robert G. James , golfer, U. Jenison , publisher, Naval commander, U. Jischke , president of Iowa State and Purdue. Anton J. Johnson , dairy executive, mayor of Macomb , U. Johnson Sr. Representative for Connecticut — Phillip E.

Johnson , politician Republican , U. Judd , U. Keller , U. Kelly , singer and songwriter Robin Kelly , politician Democrat , U. Kennedy , president of Merchandise Mart , university trustee, nephew of John F. Kennedy born in Massachusetts D. Open runner-up. Goodbar Dorothy Kilgallen , columnist, game show panelist Philip G. Kluczynski , politician Democrat , U. Knapp , U.

Representative —65 born in New York Robert M. Kunz , thoroughbred breeder, U. Representative —33 born in Pennsylvania Irv Kupcinet , newspaper columnist, broadcaster Karyn Kupcinet , actress, murder victim C. Representative, U. Secretary of Transportation —13 Bill Laimbeer , basketball player and coach born in Massachusetts Frankie Laine , singer and actor, known for themes to to Yuma , Gunfight at the O.

Lamont , U. Lawrence , photographer and aviator Robert Henry Lawrence Jr. Levi , U. Hamilton Lewis , congressman for two states, U. Leyendecker , illustrator born in Germany. Lindgren , banking executive, son of Charles M. Representative William O. Lipinski , politician Democrat , U. That one is on the show again this week, along with the Canadian song The Simpsons wanted to use but couldn't get permission.

May 4, [ Play List ] Added May 4, Apr 27, [ Play List ] Added Apr 27, We'll celebrate both, along with the first novelty song to hit 1 on the pop charts in ages and a parody of that song as well Some cuss words in the second song. Tattoos and tomatoes too and a few naughty words. Mar 30, [ Play List ] Added Mar 30, When they first became famous, the first thing many people talked about was their hair. Hear songs about them and lots more hairy guys and gals, plus a Dick Dale tribute and lots more on this all-new Dr.

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Demento Show. Patrick's day The very last song has a bunch of f-words. Mar 16, [ Play List ] Added Mar 16, It's inspired songwriters for millenia, bringing forth thousands of sad songs and funny songs you can guess which kind I'll be playing! I was not a talking DJ….. I was a mixer and hi-energy style DJ who kept the floor moving.

That is why I was such a success at the only gay club I ever worked…Lava Lava. SUPER nice property, with the price tag to go with it. Have you ever spun at Rumours in the Ala Moana Hotel? The gay and straight clubs even today keep to themselves. I loved the hi-energy of the music at the gay clubs especially Donna Summer…. Patti Brooks……. Since I had a dance background..

I loved Disco because it was dance music especially for couples to dance together. And we rented out all the upscale Porta-Potties in town. Dolly Parton sent a video. Very nice, I never saw that story. Only the talk around town that Selleck was a part owner. Not sure if that is correct, however I believe it is. Must have been before my time.

Before that it was Nicholas Nickolas, both fine dining restaurants. Ironic you mentioned thst. I just saw an old advertisement for that. You are correct. I believe it was taken over by an insurance company for office space and they froze it as far as rotating. Interestingly, La Ronde was the first revolving restaurant in the US. Thankfully we have Top of Waikiki to take its place. I believe it was called the Hot Rod or something like that. HotRod Car theme. Very unique and Short lived. David was a high profile defense lawyer in those days and we all knew Fred with his love of Panteras.

He was the Manager of the Point After, for as long as I can remember. Back then you had to have an FCC 3rd class license or have someone who had one working the board to work be on air as Radio talent. The Point After was using two live bands — however, between sets they felt they were losing drink revenue and people would leave. This was around This was the first Disco club to the best of my knowledge in Waikiki to use a DJ.

Although I am not sure of exact date. I meet my wife when I was there. In those days, everything was vinyl or carts. Basically our job was queuing up the right track on the record, fading them in and out with a little ad lib in-between. The objective was to keep the atmosphere of the club going where people would not lose interest, know your play list and pace your audience between fast paced Disco interspersed with some slow songs when you saw your crowd losing interest.

It was not rocket science. There was another one in Dallas I believe. The Point After is owned by an investor from Japan and features two dance floors along with both live band and recorded disco music in between sets. Besides disco music, top 10 singles and soul single are interspersed during the band intermission. Tapes are used for the first hour and then albums and singles take their place between band sets.

The Point as it is commonly called, caters to a young local crowd. It is owned by Rex Chandler and features separate rooms for dancing, eating and backgammon. Daniels agrees that competition among various new and more established discos has reached a significant intensity. The backgammon room is unique in Hawaii. People can go into a separate room where tables are set up to play the game.

As far as the Lava Lava club owner being murdered, I could not find any documentation on that. Can you tell us the name of the owner of the Lava Lava club who you indicate was murdered? I do remember when Chuck Charles Marsland Jr. He was working as host at the Infinity in the basement of the Sheraton Waikiki. That was in April of Remember when most if not all the military guys used to wear wigs in those days?

Just a tidbit of the old days. Also a sad note. Lee Afuvai passed away a few years ago. My wife and I did attend his funeral services and I did get a chance to see Herbie V.

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My wife said she saw Francis there — however, I did not and we did not get to talk to him. After the Point Lee went on to work under the Waihee and Cayetanto administrations as a liaison to Samoa. I learned a lot from Lee who was a great guy. Thanks for this list. I know it a few years old and hope someone can help. Anyone know it? Got photos?

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Mahalo, Bob. I will bring materials to help us with your blog and facts about that era. Should be fun!! Need contact info. I will amend that statement based on this article written by Wayne Harada in Billboard Magazine on November 14th, The situation is dismal —at least until the Christmas holiday, when more tourists will be in Waikiki.

Mike Hickey, who buys talent for the room, also is set to open Dick Jensen Oct. Erratic entertainment charges are never effective. It opened in early to late The Point After was started this in Waikiki. It was an interesting time in Waikiki in those days. The Point After had been doing this for a while before this article.

Two of the four also program live bands. The latest switches include:. The band is Union Pacific. Powerhouse provides the in-person sounds. Just a side note here. Mine as well. I was Navy and left the island near Christmas of that year. What was the name of the band that played there all that year? They played soul covers, had a trumpet player. One of the, if not the first clubs to start to bring life back to Waikiki was The Point After which was actually a Mainland company with a number of clubs in not only Honolulu, also Boston, San Francisco, L.

So this club helped set the pace. At first the format was two live bands playing back to back. The Point rotated the bands between all their clubs here and on the mainland. Later they would start bringing in local bands into the rotation. He walks around the disco just once and leaves. The band, although disappointed, hopes for the best because, after all, Stan Richards is the owner of The Point After — the hottest disco in Honolulu with sister clubs in Seattle, Dallas, Boston and Anchorage. Back in the beginning a Discotheque or Disco meant a dance club.

Later it became to symbolize more with a Disk Jockey DJ playing the music. Around 73 or 74 Lee approached me about an experiment they were doing on the mainland. The objective was to keep the pace going on the dance floor instead of the dead time between sets. I did and it was a success. Later a lot of other clubs came up and followed its pattern. Being a DJ in those days is a lot different that it is now.

You figure out a play list based on the current dance hits, cue them up play them with no dead air time and ad lib some as you go. It was not that easy however it was not rocket science either. You make adjustments based on requests and how your audience is dancing. You have your groupies and those people who always think they can do it. And are willing to do it for free, just to get the attention and limelight.