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Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 31, Shelly rated it it was ok Recommends it for: lover's of lifetime and hallmark movies. Shelves: graphic-novels. I wasn't there. Yes, I remember where I was. Yes, it was insane. But I was safe and sound in dumb ol' Dallas, TX and so like most people who were nowhere near Manhattan on that day I went to work.

Widow or Wife? (Romance Graphic Novel)

Time did not stand still where I was. Maybe this is why I can't get enough of hearing people who were actually there talk about their experience. Which is why I bought this book. This poor young women was newly wed, newly pregnant and on September 11th newly widowed. I may even cry! In Torres' defense, maybe she wasn't trying to make anyone cry.

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Maybe her goal was to talk about how she met her husband at a bar, how romantic! Aside from not really liking Allison, her story was all over the fucking place. To me it felt as though she had taken a bunch of notes in preparation for the book, which is more of a short story, and then not knowing how to put them all together cohesively she just decided to shit them out in no particular order.

Just so I don't sound completely heartless before this review ends, I will say that there were parts that were really insightful, and tragic, and moving. But if this book hadn't been in the form of a graphic novel and wasn't so full of kick-ass artwork, I'd never have finished it. View all 6 comments. May 04, Ellie rated it it was amazing Shelves: indchalnge , graphic-novel , nyc , non-fiction. Barely past newlywed status and pregnant with their first child, Alissa struggles through the shock and, worse, the systems set up to "help" bereaved families.

And there is no really happy ending. Just survival and trying to move on. And the last gift of a son, born just weeks after her loss. Aug 11, kirkesque rated it did not like it Shelves: bad-writing , fall-uncw. Alissa Torres presents herself from the beginning as an American Widow who deserves sympathy and understanding. Yet, in telling her story, she hides crucial evidence about it from her audience and shows us no more courtesy than she claims she received following the tragedy that claimed the life of her husband and a few thousand others.

But worst of these, perhaps, is to deliberately lie by omission to us, the audience she wishes to share her story with. Other than the fact that she wishes others to suffer what she suffers from—confusion, betrayal, and possibly outright lies—there seems to be no reason for her to treat others in such a manner. And if her intention is to make her audience feel such emotions, she is little more than a street hustler who took our twenty dollars in her slight-of-hand three-card-monty trick. Misery loves company, and as a recurring yet unexplained image of he late-husband Luis stares at us with an expression that implores us as to what could make him feel this way, we come to understand that perhaps he wonders why his wife shows him little more respect than she does the rest of the world surrounding her.

This recurring image then becomes a mirror to a tale of narcissism distilled in four-color line drawings, withheld information, and questionable intent. Torres suggests that she deserves special sympathy and entitlement for being an American Widow, and then a single American Victim Mom victims who had Fallen Husbands who were Fathers , without ever considering that tens of thousands of Non-American Widows of Terrorism and American Military Might who are not even so privileged as to have a NY Times artist draw their self-centered poor-pitiful-me memoir for sale to the bourgeois masses the author so despises.

One of the most wretched books I've ever had the displeasure of reading. Feb 24, Caitlin Constantine rated it really liked it. On some level I don't doubt that it was, but then I read stories like that of Torres, who actually lost a loved one that day, and I think all those people should just shut up. Yeah, I said it. The drawings and her words combine to describe the undescribable - how it feels to know that your partner in life was taken from you in such a huge tragedy.

It makes the shock I felt that day as I watched the towers fall from the safety of my living room 2, miles away seem rather small. What really got me, though, was all of the bureaucracy and red tape she had to deal with afterward. For instance, I had no idea the grief counselors on hand were so callous, which made me wonder what kind of training and qualifications were in place for these volunteers.

I had no idea that the fund for the widows, widowers and children was tied to protection from legal action for their airplanes, and that all of these restrictions were in place for that money. It's a reminder that the messages we get through the media are often vastly simplified. And finally, I was very upset at the way Torres and other family members were turned into symbols. I know it happens all the time, because symbols slot easier into rhetoric than do actual people, with all of their messiness and complication and dimensions, but still, it doesn't mean it's right or fair. It will help them remember that the day is not just about declaring war or hating Muslims or hating Bush, but that actual lives were destroyed on that day, and that actual people were the ones who shoulder the weight of what happened that day.

View 1 comment. May 09, Mallory rated it really liked it Shelves: graphic-comic. I sobbed through about the first 5 chapters of this book. The book illustrates the grief that has become Alissa's new reality, as well as the struggles she faces in dealing with charitable organizations meant to help those affected. I found the middle of the book to be somewhat confusing, with the constant flashbacks a I sobbed through about the first 5 chapters of this book.

I found the middle of the book to be somewhat confusing, with the constant flashbacks and the crises that never fully seemed to be resolved, but I suppose it was the same feeling of confusion that Alissa was dealing with at the same time.

She's lost, she's trying to understand and make things better for herself and her son. It was a very, very good book and I'm glad someone recommended it to me. Aug 09, Aneesa rated it it was ok Shelves: comics-graphic-novels-memoir.

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I'm not sure what the point of this book is. I can understand her need to write it as a means toward resolution, and I can understand the publisher's angle in publishing a graphic novel about September 11, , but I'm not sure what a reader is intended to get out of it. I don't particularly sympathize with the author, or completely understand her, and I'm not sure why she would want someone to read this story. What did she want the reader to feel? Did she even try to produce emotion or encoura I'm not sure what the point of this book is.

Did she even try to produce emotion or encourage empathy? I also wonder what inspires someone to write a comic book but not illustrate it. And why her child was so absent from the pages. View 2 comments. Jun 26, Rex Hurst rated it really liked it. He was an illegal immigrant who had difficulty finding a job. She was pregnant and the pair had had an argument the night before, from which she was still angry. Then the towers fell and she was left to pick up the pieces and deal with emotions left dangling in the wind. Aug 08, Shannon rated it did not like it.

So, I was wondering when I'd come across a graphic novel that wasn't about a social misfit, and here it is. I realized this on page 12, when we meet Alissa and her revealing clubbing attire. The story that follows is of a tender, enviable romance. The American Dream is coming true for this couple: a fixer-upper in the burbs, a bun in the oven, a well-paying job in finance.

Their world begins to all apart when he loses his job yawn.

My Romance Story - Widow or Wife? (Romance Graphic Novel) - Arrow Publications

She rarely mentions the baby, who I would think is the cause of many of her financial worries. Instead, her dog is the subject of a series of affectionate drawings. The last straw for me is the closing scene. I won't spoil the ending, but I will say, as a female working homeowner, I do not have cash to travel by airplane.

Sorry, Alissa, but your life is not as bad as you appear to think. Sungyoon, your illustrations are wonderful, and I look forward to seeing your work with a more thoughtful storyline. Apr 12, E. There are aspects of the book I really admire. I thought the closing sequence was particularly good. But the book is simply too short. The kind of tacking back and forth between present and past would have worked a lot better in longer stretches where some of the characters could have been fleshed out a bit more.

At the end, I really felt I didn't know much about either Eduardo or Alissa apart from their circumstances. The graphic part of this novel is very pedestrian. I don't like giving a one There are aspects of the book I really admire. I don't like giving a one star review to a book that is about such a difficult and very personal experience.

I wouldn't even go so far as to say that this is a bad graphic novel - just one that wasn't executed as well as it could have been. Jan 12, Margie rated it liked it. The illustrations were good although there were a couple of places I found a little disjointed. But I liked that the story was true even though it was about a horrible experience, and I hope it was cathartic for the author to go through this process of writing her experiences with people - friends, family and strangers - and the government during her struggle.

Sep 11, Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: graphics. I find the lack of empathy expressed in some of the reviews jarring. It is not the job of every victim's family to pose as props in anyone else's narrative about what happened that day, or the days, months, and years that followed. They were flawed, imperfect people, who were loved and grieved for many other flawed, imperfect people.

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This is one of those people's stories, and it tells not only of the heartbreak of grief, but I find the lack of empathy expressed in some of the reviews jarring. This is one of those people's stories, and it tells not only of the heartbreak of grief, but of the fear and uncertainty that follow a loss, and of the very unique kind of stress-the utter exhaustion and frustration that followed this unprecedented event. The criticisms of this widow's feelings in particular left a sour taste in my mouth. Marriage is complicated, and I respect her honesty about her relationship with her husband, which like all relationships, has complications and moments of anger woven into its fabric.

I try to do my best to honor the memories of those who were killed without infringing on real, personal grief of those who must wake up each day knowing their spouse, parent, sibling, or child was brutally murdered for having done nothing more than gone to work that morning. But I wonder at times if what I think of as a respect for their privacy could be misconstrued by others as a lack of interest or support. Many widows and family members, I am sure, find comfort in public displays of grief and support from Americans they do not know.

But what if some don't? What if those displays feel like an intrusion? I think American Widow speaks to that dichotomy in an affecting way. Oct 20, Maya rated it it was ok. I did not really enjoy the plot of this story, because it just seemed all over the place. It would also leave little details out, that still, to me, made a difference. The artwork was good, though. I picked this one up at the library on the spur of the moment, and I cannot even say that I looked that closely at it.

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The cover drew me, a short blurb by Harvey Pekar caught my interest and a glance inside revealed pleasant enough art for me to decide to bring it home. And I am very happy that I did. But that said, I was nevertheless surprised by what the book actually was not that I am sure what I had expected, if anything, really. This is Alissa Torres autobiographical account of having lost I picked this one up at the library on the spur of the moment, and I cannot even say that I looked that closely at it.

This is Alissa Torres autobiographical account of having lost her husband in the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, Her husband Eddie had just started a new job at Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower the day before, and Alissa was pregnant with their child. What follows is the story of surviving an utter disaster of loss and pain, and attempting to turn life around again, somehow. The narrative is visually expressed by Sungyoon Choi, who does a great job of capturing the sometimes raw emotions of Alissa's story. This was a good read on many levels, and I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in stories about loss Jul 03, Jeimy rated it it was ok.

Of course, this is only one woman's experience. Jan 23, Kirsten rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction , graphic-novels , from-library , memoir. I thought this was fantastic. She describes in unflinching detail her struggles to cope in the aftermath, trying to regain some kind of equilibrium even just getting out of bed is clearly a struggle at first and move forward, while also fighting through red tape. Kwame Frimpong — October 16, Love the modern take on the traditional detective novel. Your email address will not be published. Your review. Romance Graphic Novel Widow or Wife?

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